The Ten Commandments for Good Health

2022-07-11 20:01

1. Do abdominal breathing.
• Breathing allows the body to take in fresh oxygen and turns out CO2(carbon dioxide), and therefore, a person's life is at risk if she or he stops the breathing for more than 4 minutes.
• Breaths should be long, and one should use the abdominal as much as possible.
• Using the chest or shoulders, or short breaths and reverse breathing shortens a person's healthy life span.
• Breathe in fresh air whenever possible.

2. Drink enough water.
• Water is so important to maintaining life that if a person does not drink water for more than 4 days, his or her life is at risk.
• Water is a cleaner. Drinking plenty of water allows waste to dischargefrom the body and purifies the blood.
• Drink enough water often, at meals and between meals, and if sipping it,
be sure to consume approximately For example, 1.8 liters (about 7 to 8 cups) daily for a 135-pound adult. *Depending on one's activity level and amount of sweat emitted, the quantity of water should be adjusted.
• Refrain from drinking water starting 30 minutes before a meal, an for 2 hours after, for better digestion.

3. Get sunshine daily.
• The sun is a source of energy and life, and we should be in the Sun for approximately 30 minutes per day (spring and fall standard).
• The sun transforms cholesterol into vitamin D and helps the absorption of calcium, and therefore, our bones and teeth will be healthier.
• The sun increases lymphocytes and phagocytes which increase the body's resistance against infections.
• Sex hormones increase when skin is exposed to the sun, and also activates serotonin hormones which help relieve stress.
• The sun makes the skin stronger and creates resistance against various infections.

4. Consume an equal amount of cooked and uncooked and fruits and vegetables.
• Eat meals regularly in 5-6 hour intervals.
• Refrain from snacks, late night eating and overeating.
• If eating late at night, skip breakfast to give the digestive system a break.
• Eat foods whole grain, such as brown rice, barley and whole wheat flour, as much as possible. • Eat seaweed, green vegetables, and bean varieties often.
• Vary the 3-4 types of side dishes at every meal, and chew 30 times over slowly for a long time whenever possible.
• Fruit is best to eat whole with its skin whenever possible, and 20 minutes before a meal.

5. Exercise regularly.
• Moving the body allows blood to circulate well, nutrients flow to the cells easily, and benefits the elimination of waste. Also, the cardiopulmonary function and the function of internal organs improve, muscles strengthen, and hormone secretion becomes smoother.
• Do speed-walking every day and make it a habit, it promotes digestion, reduces visceral fat, and strengthens the lower body.
• One must keep moving to improve the health of the mind and body. Choose an exercise to do consistently, such as gymnastics, speedwalking, jump rope or bicycling, plank, squat, push-up, yoga. As in accordance with inaugural 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines, exercise for 2.5 hours (150 minutes) of moderate exercise per week or one hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes) of vigorous intensity exercise per week, or a combination of both. One should, however, follow an aerobic exercise and aerobic exercise in accordance with your age and physical ability.

6. Have plenty of rest and sleep.
• The body recovers from fatigue, improves its condition, and restarts the body's functions while sleeping.
• Sleeping for 1 hour before midnight is better for a person's health than sleeping for 2 hours after that period. One must sleep a minimum from ten at night to six in the morning in order to be relieved of fatigue and sick conditions. Rest fully at least one day per week so that the mind and body can recharge.

7. Understand the importance of self-control.
• Refrain from the tempting consumption of alcohol, coffee.
• Instead of consuming excessive medication, an ill patient should allow the body to heal by its natural healing function.

8. Have a thankful attitude and positive spirit.
• Stress acidifies the blood and lowers immune function which lead to various metabolic illnesses.
• One must live with a thankful and optimistic spirit on a regular basis for metabolism to become smoother and to live a healthy life.
• One must look down rather than stare up to have the drive to live.
• Do not compare oneself to others and get caught up in excessive competition.
• Activate the healthy hormones by maintaining a loving spirit for one's surrounding environment.

9. Maintain a stable body temperature.
• Maintain body temperature at or above 98.6?F(37?C).
• If the body's temperature is high, the enzymes in the body activate, strengthening one's immunity.
• Exercise regularly to strengthen muscles and to warm the body.
• Pay attention to maintaining body temperature, with frequent foot baths and heated spas.

10. Periodically do the Health Recovery Program.
• Periodic repairs and cleaning are necessary to use a car or house for a long time, and
Similarly, the human body should be purified comprehensively at least once a year.
• With its balance of emptying and filling the body properly, Health is the surest method to recover and maintain one's health.
• In the way that a technician is called in for repairs and cleaning,
the omnipotent technician that is the circular enzyme (compound fermentation culture) must be called in to recover one's health.