The father who saved his daughter's future

2022-07-11 19:44

Ms. Sookhee, currently 63 years old, had an operation to remove her uterus in her early thirties. According to the doctor performing the surgery, her uterus had hardened so much that a pair of tweezers couldn't push through. She didn't remember the exact name of the disease, but my guess is that may have been something between a benign tumor and uterine fibroids.

Not many years after the uterus surgery, Ms. Sookhee needed another operation to remove her gallbladder. Her gall bladder had be stones. Cutting open her abdomen the first time in her young already intensely painful, but the thought of another abdominal operation was so despairing that Ms. Sookhee was losing the will to live.

The trouble did not end there. Ms. Sookhee required yet another operation for a disc issue, and a nose operation for chronic rhinitis. later, she started experiencing facial palsy from the frequent operations, and a bump in the size of an egg appeared under her ear, possibly owing to a side effect of the nose operation. But the frequent operations were the only things that tormented Ms. Sookhee.

She was told that she had to lose weight in order to cure her her chronic illnesses, so she had a procedure done to eliminate abdominal fat, and her shoulders were drooping so she received injections to her bones.

After that, She experienced symptoms in which she was unable to extend her middle and ring fingers. When she was halfway across a crosswalk, she experienced her legs stiffening so that she couldn’t walk, and the fear that she may fall over at any moment made it impossible for her to even bend her head.

Her feet felt icy even in the summer and she wore several pairs of socks. She could never turn on an air conditioner or a fan. Although she kept seeing a doctor, her symptoms did not improve, so she began gold needle treatments at the traditional Korean medicine clinic.

She had eighty needles put in her waist, fifty in her head, and ten each in various other areas of her body. Her body still did not recover. Her whole body was covered in wounds by the time Ms. Sookhee was introduced to the compound activation fermented enzyme.

The aftermath is as you now know it to be. Within ten days of starting to consume the compound activation enzyme, the symptoms tormenting her went away, one by one, and by the time she completed her one-month program, almost all of her symptoms disappeared.

Her fingers could extend and the egg-size bump under her ear disappeared. She also lost a lot of weight, going from a clothing size 88 to * 66. Her chronic fatigue vanished, her shoulder pain healed and blood circulation improved so much that the age of her skin computed her apearance to be a person in her 50s.

Previously, Ms. Sookhee never wanted to go anywhere, wanting only to stay home in bed, but she has now transformed into an active businesswoman. She finds it unbelievable how the body that would not heal when she was constantly going to the hospital, improved so drastic, overnight.

Mr. Dongha, living in Yongin, enjoyed drinking regularly. Possibly from all the alcohol, he started losing his teeth in his early 40s. However, while his body was deteriorating, he was not terribly uncomfortable yet and kept delaying a visit to the doctor until finally, one day, he fainted. It was a cerebral infarction.

He had been neglecting his body, unaware that his blood pressure and diabetic levels were going up too. His cerebral infarction kept him in th hospital for seven months, and still, his left leg and left arm could not be helped from becoming paralyzed.

After being discharged from the hospital, Mr. Dongha decided to try the compound activation fermented enzyme from a Korean medicine doctor at a traditional medicine clinic. A miracle started to happen. His hemiplegia began to clear, and his blood pressure and diabetic levels returned to normal.

After injuring his hip at age 24, he was unable to lift anything heavy but even that healed. Now he can easily carry any reasonably heavy items.

As his body recovered and he transitioned into leading a healthier life, dark cloud floated over his home again.

The previous summer, his middle school daughter had hurt her toe at school. She didn’t tell her parents because she did not think it was a big deal. However, a few days later, she suddenly cried out in pain in the middle of the night.

Her whole body was covered in a rash, accompanied by diarrhea symptom. She was taken to the emergency room and after a blood test, she received a diagnosis of refractory idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura.

The doctor spoke gravely, “Common antibiotics are not effective in treating purpura, so she should be hospitalized at a university hospital to be injected with interferon, the type of immunotherapy used for cancer patients, But the side effects of that can be problematic for her development, and she may not menstruate and her female functions may be disabled.

This was a shock out of the blue. To hear that the female functions of their most precious daughter could be disabled was devastating on its own, but even worse was that she could not be cured. The injection was only the best, cemporary solution.

After agonizing and discussing, Mr. Dongha and his wife brought their daughter home. If there was no guarantee of her improving with that, the enzyme diet seemed to be a better alternative.

Three days from their daughter starting the enzyme diet, she began complaining of a stomachache and rashes that resulted from the healing reaction. The child was in so much pain that she pleaded to be taken back to the hospital. Mr. Dongha was tempted. However, this was not a time to be ambivalent.

“My child, I am not keeping you from the hospital because I don’t want to take you. Look at me—your dad! Do you remember my arms and legs? I couldn’t lift a thing, or walk or play with you, but see how healthy I am now? Our whole family’s life has changed! I'll take care of you, so please be patient and let’s keep trying the enzyme.”

The child was moved by his sincerity and continued with the Health Recovery Program for another month. After 20 days, the red swelling of the rash subsided.

When she went back to the doctor after a month, her family was told that she was completely healed of her purpura. The doctor asked if she had gone to the hospital that he recommended.

Mr. Dongha said that they had done nothing other than the enzyme diet, but the doctor admitted that he found it difficult to believe with his logic.

Regardless of how strong someone is, the same person is bound to panic when his or her child is in a crisis. How must Mr. Dongha have felt, when he took his daughter out of the hospital?
Even for someone who trusts the compound activation enzyme, , natural reaction is to rely on the hospital, like a drowning man grasping at a straw. That is just how people are.

Mr. Dongha made a courageous decision, but he could not have done so if he had not experienced it himself. Mr. Dongha saved the future of his child from grave danger.

Now, his daughter is attending school in good health. She is even studying about the enzyme on her own, and trusts her parents more than ever.