Eyes will open, and ears will hear

2022-07-11 19:40

Ms. Keum-myung came home after multiple overtime nights at the of and collapsed into a deep sleep from accumulated fatigue. When : awoke the next day, Ms. Keum-myung’s vision was blurry and she could see clearly. She thought she would be better with a few days of rest b her vision only worsened. She went to the doctor who told her that an abnormality had occurred on her cornea and recommended a transplant.

“Since youre young, as long as the transplant is successful, you'll recover easily.”

Ms. Keum-myung received the transplant. However, her eyes did n recover and a rejection occurred, requiring her to have another operatio! Ms. Keum-myung needed a total of five operations and suffered the pa! after each one, Ms. Keum-myung lived every day, reliant on eye drops artificial tears, steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. Her left eye was basically blind and her tight eye could just barely see. She needed another cornea transplant but her body was so broken down that she hardly had the strength for the operation.

She connected to the fermented compound activation enzyme. As soon as he began the enzyme diet, the inflammation disappeared and she stopped aking all other medication. Her body which was previously a size 6 ecovered enough to become a size 4.

She had lost the sight in her left eye, but there was no longer a need for another transplant. Her right eye which had been considered a lost cause miraculously recovered and she was able to carry on living with the eyesight in one eye.

With the ability to see, her anxieties disappeared and she was able to sleep and eat well. Ms. Keum-myung is filled with frustration when she thinks of all the money she poured into the hospital and the pain she endured. Currently, Ms. Keum-myung is a healthy, active participant in her city of Jeonju.

I once went to lecture in Kwangju. After the lecture, a man who worked at an automobile company approached me for a health consultation. This person was in a state of half-body paralysis due to cerebral infarction, and during the consultation, the woman sitting next to him seemed to repeatedly make a strange expression with her face. She was not blinking and kept making an effort to lift up her closing eyelids.

“Ma'am, what’s the matter?” I asked with concern. I learned that she was the man’s wife, and for two years, she had experienced the weird symptom of having trouble opening her eyes once they closed.

Her husband patiently explained this to me, “Once her eyes close, it mane than 30 seconds for her to lift her eyelids again. At first, she could open her eyes in five seconds but as time went on, it took 15 seconds, then twenty seconds and now it takes 30 seconds fro her to open her eyes.”

She had experienced a wide variety of painful symptoms, and the was not a hospital from Busan to Seoul they had not visited in an attemy to treat her illness. Whenever they had a moment, they drove all over th country so she could try all sorts of treatments. But her illness did no improve and that stress led to her husband's cerebral infarction. I sighe deeply.

_ “Why don’t you both do the program? You can take the fermentec compound activation enzyme side by side and try out Health Recovery.”

The wife had accompanied her husband to see me and ended up doing Health Recovery with him. After fifteen days, I heard from the head of that regions agency.

“Vice President, they’re all well. Both of them have healed completely.

The husband can walk now and the wife opened her eyes easily in under ten days.”

Are these stories not miracles?

The fermented compound activation enzyme not only allows eyes t0 open but can open ears, too.

There is an elderly woman in Kyungju who regained her hearing aftet forty years. The woman in her late sixties initially wanted to treat her high blood pressure which was a result of obesity. But because of her difficulty with hearing, no matter how loudly I explained, she kept asking me t repeat what I had said.

She told me her story of when she married long ago and she had started consuming a traditional medicine that was made of broth strained fro cooked dog meat and herbs. She gave birth and as she started to raise het child, she suddenly began experiencing symptoms of being unable to heat At first, the sounds were just softer but she gradually couldn’ hear so much so that people would need to speak extremely loudly and she still could not catch everything.

When she and I met, she had never heard the voice of het grandson.

J had heard her story, but she originally started the Health Recovery Program so that she could lower her blood pressure. After two months, the person who had introduced her called me. “I have great news! The elder lady I introduced to you says she can hear now!”

“You mean the woman who came for her high blood pressure?”

To be frank, I had not even considered her hearing with regard to the program. I had assumed it was a congenital issue. Since then, I became aware that many people have lost their hearing due to the pollution in their bodies. I have noticed a lot of elderly people around me who have trouble hearing. Instead of allowing it to be part of the aging process, why not try Health Recovery?

After going through Health Recovery, the elderly woman could hear the sound of birds for the first time in forty years. She says that the bird sounds were so beautiful that she teared up. How must she have felt to escape the soundless world that bound her for forty years and she could now meet the world anew?