The miracle brought by the fermented compound activation enzyme

2022-07-11 19:37

I was born as the youngest of 6 children, and my mother could not produce milk due to pregnancy in her older age. In addition to her age, our home struggled financially and she could not eat properly, compounding the problem. My mother boiled the white rice cake sent from her side of the family and made porridge to feed me, instead of breastmilk.

I was born small to begin with but unable to even drink my mother's milk; I grew up weak. My nerves were so sensitive that I constantly suffered from stomach issues. Regardless of how I may seem now, I have tried every possible digestive medicine offered in Korea. At one time, I even dreamed of becoming a traditional medicine doctor. I frequently perused books on health and traditional Korean medicine.

After majoring in Electronics and Materials Engineering in college, I came into the professional world in a position overseeing the export of electronics. By chance during that time, I would start a health-related business. Then, in the year of 2000, I came to manage the food products department on the Korean front of a company called “Kyunghee harmaceuticals." While in the enzyme business, I started to understand the superior nature of the enzyme better than anyone else, but also acknowledged the trouble in popularizing it. The nature of the enzyme product requires 3-4 months of consistent consumption to effectively improve the quality of the body. Especially in treating obesity, the consumer is not always persistent, and it occurred to me that I needed to solve this issue.
is not always persistent,

As I studied the issue, I realized that obesity cannot simply be approached as obesity.

I reached the conclusion that “obesity is a problem of blood pollution and incongruous nutrients” and began developing the Health Recovery Program with the fermented compound activation enzyme. But subsequently, this substance that I had expected to cure obesity started to produce great miracles.

I started to witness this program - originally just intended to speed up the improvement of one's body type and resolve obesity – unexpectedly restoring conditions of high blood pressure and diabetes.

Frankly, the curing of obesity, and high blood pressure or diabetes is somewhat unsurprising. However, people who had been at the brink of death started to recover; insomnia started disappearing; people grew taller in height; and some were cured of panic disorders, depression, herniated disks, kidney trouble, heart disease and cancer. Miracles sounding like lies, truths that a pseudo religious leader might profess, were occurring before my eyes.

Looking back, it was a continuation of tear-jerking human dramas. The cases were so dramatic that even I found them hard to believe as I saw them take place. I could only continue to marvel at the power of recovery in the human body.

The most dramatic case I witnessed is the story of a working woman who saved her elderly mother who was just waiting to die.
Ms. Junghee suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, swinging between her office and home. One day, she learn fermented compound activation enzyme through someon was able to experience her chronic fatigue disappear as well as her persistent obesity. She became curious exactly what this was.

Then, one day, her mother entered her thoughts while she was praying in church.

At the time, Ms. Junghee's mother had been an in-patient at a university hospital in Seoul due to diabetic complications but was sent home after she was deemed a lost cause. She was unconscious, staying at a convalescent hospital and waiting for her day to die.

While in prayer, the thought occurred to Ms. Junghee to give her mother the fermented compound activation enzyme. She felt that she would regret it if she did not try everything in her power as a daughter. She rushed straight to the hospital.

Coincidentally that day, her mother had defecated a large quantity without having eaten anything. This was considered the last feces of a dying person, also known as death defecation.

This defecation generally indicates that a person is about to pass. A person often clears out the body this way, just before death.

As expected of a body pouring out every last bit of waste it has, the stench was intense. Ms. Junghee and the nurse cleaned up the defecation for over an hour and cleaned her mother's body. Cleaning an unconscious elderly body was already a difficult task, but after Ms. Junghee changed her mother’s clothes, she shouted in her mother’s ear, “Mom, it’s your oldest daughter Junghee!
I brought you medicine that will bring you back to life if you take it. There are many people who came back alive after taking this medicine. So, mom, when your caregiver gives it to you, you absolutely must swallow it!”

With tears in her eyes, Ms. Junghee shouted at the woman who could not even hear her. Mixing the fermented compound activation enzyme in water, she opened her mother’s mouth and forcibly spooned it in. Then, she asked of the caregiver, “Please do as I am doing now. You can feed her constantly as you do with the thin rice gruel.”

She gave the caregiver extra money in an envelope requesting special attention. Afterward, as the oldest daughter, she alerted her younger siblings.

“No matter what happens, I’ll take responsibility so don’t stop the caregiver from doing this, This is my final gift as a daughter.”

After taking these measures, Ms. Junghee came home. When she spoke on the phone with the caregiver the next morning, she heard that her mother had been receptive to taking the medicine. Another ten days later, Ms. Junghee visited the hospital and was shocked to the point of fainting.

Her mother had been at the doorstep of death but was now vividly conscious. Not only did she recognize her daughter, but she also spoke. Ms. Junghee was so moved that she held her mother and cried.

“Mom, how did this happen?”

Her mother replied, “Your foster mother (the woman who cared for her eldest daughter) who passed away two years ago came by and took me somewhere. The two of us were walking in a field until we came to 4 small water spring. Your foster mother scooped up a bowl and gave it to me. After I drank it, I looked ahead and there was wormwood growing far away in the field.

I grabbed your foster mother and said, ‘Let’s go pull some wormwood to take with us. But she said, ‘There’s no time to gather wormwood. Hurry home. I have to go somewhere else.’ Then, when I tried to go home, my eyes opened.”

Who can believe a story like this? It is utterly unbelievable, but it is actually occurring. As stories like this keep occurring all around me, I have felt an urgency. I felt that I must share this miracle as soon as possible and I started lecturing like crazy.

I have lectured to the general public as well but principally focused on pharmacists and traditional Korean medicine doctors, because of the speedy spread of knowledge possible within the profession.

To this day, I have done over 2500 lectures and have also gone to lecture for religious groups in every region.

This created the momentum to organize the International Enzyme Detoxification Association.

This organization, formed with traditional medicine doctors and enzyme-related companies at its core, is conducting discussions and research on the new agenda of reorganizing enzyme foods.

The range of activity was broadened last year and the official name revised as the Korean Fermentation and Detoxification Society, the organization's efforts extending in many directions to institutionalize and expand the consumer base for fermented foods.

This is about the ability to cure people who are dying. And I have knowledge of this ability. More than one hundred thousand people have experienced it. How can I not inform people about this possibility? Korea has a diabetes population of ten million people. We still have a long way to go.