How many days does it take to revive my body?

2022-07-11 19:09

Our bodies work endlessly in order to maintain their own health. One of its functions is to kill old cells (apoptosis), the other is to produce new cells. Even at this moment, the cells in our bodies are simultaneously committing suicide and new ones are born on repeat. Depending on the age and each body's system, the replacement of 60 to 100 trillion cells can take anywhere between one day to two years. Red blood cells need about 4 months.

When Health Recovery is actively carried out during this period, the worn body can be discarded and a new body can be born. Chronic illness such as high blood pressure and atopy can be healed in 4 months.

Depending on the state of the illness, one must allow 1 to 2 years to heal illnesses that are categorized as incurable diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

The fact that it takes only 4 months for a sickened body to become a healthy body, for an obese body to become a slim body, a sagging body to become a taut body, is a testament to the body's self-healing power. That time could be considered long, but it is an extremely short period to invest in living out the rest of one's life in good health.
The fact that it takes only 4 months
for a sickened body
to become a healthy body, for an obese body
to become a slim body, a sagging body
to become a taut body

Woule anyone not give 4 months of his or her life if that person is told that a whole life's worth of good health is the reward?

The basis of the Health Recovery Program is to empty and to fill. Emptying starts with a "fast." Fasting is along the idea of allowing the body to rest. That is, not to give the body any work it must do.

When we allow the body to rest from doing its greatest labor of digestion, the body's self-healing power can start working effectively. In this period, the body focuses on sweeping out waste, healing its wounded areas and producing healthy cells.

Also, if food is not consumed for a set amount of time, the body burns what is already inside in order to gain energy. Fasting is called “surgery that does not require a knife” because the body breaks down ill cells, dead cells, infections, cysts, tumors, pus and diverticula at the peak of self-digestion.

The shortest program for Health Recovery is approximately 2-6 days. Fasting for just this short period already stabilizes brainwaves, eliminating insomnia and stress-induced skin disease.

The mid-range term in Health Recovery is 7-10 days. During this period, blood pressure drops and atopy disappear. One starts to recover from these chronic illnesses because this is the period during which the blood starts to purify.

Health Recovery's long program is 3 weeks to 4 months. This is the period in which the blood purifies, leading all the way to the elimination of toxins in the cells. Various waste substances such as triglyceride, plaque, fungus, bacteria and viruses that have accumulated in the cells are discharged from the body.

Just because the Health Recovery Program ends does not mean that person can return to their intemperate lifestyle. Although it takes 4 months for the body to recover, it takes less than a month for the body to be ruined again. When Health Recovery ends, one must primarily start by eating food that is easy to digest, and brown rice porridge is better than the standard white rice porridge. Brown rice can supplement a portion of nutrients and minerals that one could not consume during the period of Health Recovery. One should chew vegetables carefully, eating them raw, and be satisfied with a small amount so as not to burden the body.

After doing that for a few days, one can return to eating meals regularly. From this point on, one must avoid all processed foods with chemical additives and refined foods that have lost their nutritional value.

Emptying well is important, but filling up well is equally important. Eating fruit with its peel, vegetables with their roots, should be the rules to follow, and overeating and taking drugs should be avoided if at all possible.