How to restore our health And turn our lives around

2022-07-11 19:06

Ms. Yusoon is a career woman with an active personality. She is wellspoken, listens well to others, smiles easily, and is socially adept with people. However, she was not always like that.

Ms. Yusoon had been a housewife living with the despairing diagnosis that she was highly obese, having body weight at 176 LBS against a short height of 5'2”. Adding rheumatism and adhesive capsulitis to that, she was often dispirited, and making matters worse was the fact that her two children suffered from atopic dermatitis, rhinitis and asthma.

Although she had given up on herself, she felt that she had to attempt the recovery of her children's health, and therefore enrolled them in the Health Recovery Program. Then when she saw their faces brighten in a mere 10 days, she decided to commit herself to the program, too.

She started her Health Recovery on March 20, 2010, leaving behind a photograph of herself at age 38, at the weight of 176 LBS. However, her process of healing was not a smooth road. The hunger she experienced with the enzyme diet was the least of her problems. As the toxins in her body exited, the healing reaction was so painful that she had difficulty sleeping.

Her knees hurt as if they would shatter; her face burned; none of her entire body – from her shoulders to her hands, neck, eyes and chin -- spared of aches. The healing reaction is naturally more extreme the worse the state of the body is, and Ms. Yusoon's reaction indicated how bad the state of her health had been.
However, as time passed, with the healing reaction tormenting her, Ms. Yusoon finally discovered that she had lost 26.4 LBS, a month after she had committed herself to Health Recovery.

Of course, the rheumatism, insomnia, depression and adhesive capsulitis also disappeared in that same stroke. When she had continued the program for 2 months, she had lost nearly 26.4 LBS which included 28.6 LBS of body fat. 3 years have passed since then, and there have been no yo-yo effects, and Ms. Yusoon maintains a slim figure.

Ms. Yusoon evangelizes about the positive effects of the compound activation enzyme to everyone she meets. She boasts of the enzyme and her own health so much so that the people around her will plead for her to stop now - just to illustrate how much Ms. Yusoon cannot conceal her joy of being reborn.

The saying that “crisis creates opportunity” fits Ms. Yusoon’s story. The best would have been if she had had good health to begin with, but that was not the circumstance.

However, when she reached the pit of her despair, Ms. Yusoon saw an opportunity to pull herself up and his now a confidenct participant of society as a successful career woman.

Ms. Yusoon is not at all embarrassed by her past appearance and proudly displays it on her blog. Everyone who sees an older photograph asks if it is really her.

Ms. Yusoon was very fortunate to experience a journey that took her from a terrible situation to ultimate joy. At this very moment, there are more people who are disheartened by their various illnesses and obesity. It is not yet time to despair. An opportunity is waiting.