Heung-bu in Korean folktale has lots of children

2022-07-11 18:49

The low birth rate has become a national issue. Some people choose not to have children but some are unable to have children. While it's no issue for those who planned not to have children. it is deeply unfortunate for people who desire children but are unable to conceive.

I have seen many married couples around me who want to give birth but have trouble conceiving and cannot have children. After adding the families who have one child but cannot have a second, almost 30% of the fertile population are in fact infertile.

Low sperm count and weak sperm movement may be the difficulty on the male side and ovulation disorders or narrow Fallopian tubes may be struggle on the female side. Nowadays, a large number of people marry when they are over the age of 40, and while they should be in the prime years of giving birth and raising children, a significant number of marriages are sexless due to impotence or low sex drive.

If people know the cause, they can be hopeful about a treatment, but oftentimes, there are no apparent reasons for the infertility with both partners having no evident issues. Approximately 30% of total infertility cases do not know why they cannot conceive.

In the past, even when there was food shortage, many households commonly gave birth to about ten children. Even Brother Heung-bu of Korean folklore, who is known for his kind heart as much as for his representation of poverty and incompetence, had enough children to be pitiable.

They may be brothers but the wealthy Brother Nol-bu has no children while the poor Heung-bu has many. Could it be that his impoverished circumstance was in fact the condition for so many children to be born?

Physical danger imposed from the outside is key to heightening the body's life force. A pomegranate that grows in the desert is sweet and delicious because nature performs at its peak ability in a difficult environment to protect the future of its species.

We may experience something similar when we grow a pot of flowers. Flowers that are watered often will have a full set of leaves, but when a flower at the brink of drying up is watered, the leaves may be nothing worth looking at but an impressive, beautiful flower may bloom.

Since the beginning of the human species, infertility has never been as prevalent as it is now. Could this be because our diets and lifestyles have improved so much that our obsession with survival has waned?

Another reason that infertility has become so prevalent may be the depletion of enzymes. Heung-bu would not have had the means to buy meat and would have eaten meals of primarily fresh vegetables, and the plant-concentrated meals would provide Heung-bu with better enzyme consumption than his brother Nol-bu who would eat meals with more meat. With plenty of enzymes, metabolism would be smoother and the sexual function healthier, so the chances of fertility would also be higher.

Dr. Edward Howell stated that people die when they use up the enzymes they receive from their parents. This is likely the meaning of the saying, “to use up the life force given by the heavens.” Thus if each individual is born with a fixed number of enzymes, does that mean the human body cannot produce any additional enzymes?

Scholars have studied this matter for a long time. Their findings show that people are indeed born with a set number of enzymes inherited from their parents, but that a person's health is dependent on a reserve stock and how it is managed. Let's imagine a person inheriting wealth from his or her parents. Wealthy parents will pass on a lot of wealth, and poor parents cannot pass on much.

To say that one is naturally healthy means that one inherited a lot of enzymes from the parents. If this person consumes poison, the enzymes quickly break it down so the body is not greatly affected. On the other hand, a person who inherited a small number of enzymes from their parents can become very ill even after consuming a small amount of poison.

There are two ways to preserve the wealth inherited from our parents. One way is to spend it wisely and another is to consistently save up to prepare for when it is gone.

No matter how much wealth one inherits, one's life can plummet depending on how the wealth is managed. If a person who has a mountain of money but spends too indulgently, the money will quickly drain away and the person can go broke. But if the person conserves it well, they will not have to worry about money for a long time.

Likewise, for our health, we must live a lifestyle that preserves our enzymes, while building up the enzyme reserve in the body whenever we can. The following two methods can increase the enzyme reserve in the body: the first is to eat food only in its raw form, and another is to consume the fermented compound activation enzyme.

Every living, moving animal – whether vegetarian or omnivore - eats food that is raw. In other words, all animals establish a foundation to live by consuming raw enzymes that exist in the natural world. The only beings on Earth that eat cooked foods are humans.

There are advantages to cooking food such as improved taste, softened texture, and the evaporation of water which reduces the food's overall volume so that more can be eaten in one sitting. However, after these advantages, there is still the disadvantage of not being able to consume enzymes because enzymes are easily destroyed in the heat.

In order to increase enzyme consumption, food must be consumed raw as often as possible. We can gain the basic enzymes necessary for the body’s activity when we consume uncooked vegetables and fruit.

Of course, a problem arises even here. Relative to the past, enzyme content in the natural world has decreased due to changes in cultivation methods and the environment. Subsequently, supplements to increase enzyme consumption have become necessary.

While pregnant women should consume plenty of enzymes to pass on a wealth of enzymes to the child, they must be wary of something else for the child. That is, the chemically synthesized materials in everyday life nowadays.

From teeth fillers (amalgam) to batteries, pesticides, paint, construction materials, medicine and medical supplies, exhust fumes, various plastic products, toys, makeup and perfume - it is difficult to find products that do not include chemically synthesized material. As heavy metals like mercury first attack the cerebrum and nervous system, these can lead to autism in the child to be born.

In order to avoid these risks, a pregnant woman would need to not touch anything nor eat anything, yet as that is impossible,; so she must consume enzymes in abundance to lean on the enzyme's function of expelling poison.

Along with enzyme consumption, there is one more thing necessary for the pregnant mother. That is love. A pregnant mother who receives love in abundance from her husband, will show lightly alkalescent blood and her defense against pathogenic bacteria will strengthen and enzymes will be more activated so it will be easier to discharge toxic substances from the body. The feeling of happiness is the most basic condition that will give the pregnant mother the gift of health and bring a healthy child into the world.