The small intestine and the heart do not get cancer easily

2022-07-11 18:21

The natural world's normal cycle is for plant energy to differentiate into animal energy, which then transforms into cells, and this process repeats.

Based on that, if we eat food that has a lot of additives or when we eat meat, the delivery of plant energy is not easy, and the shape of red blood cells – the red blood cells which are the source of animal energy - becomes misshapen.
In addition, if low-density lipoprotein starts to float around in that process, the blood turns sticky. We call this a state of blood pollution.

When polluted blood attacks, the cells shut down every door in the cell walls in order to block it. When the cell walls are blocked, cell division cannot occur.
The human body subsists through cell division, there walls are blocked, it leads to death.
In order to avoid that situation, the body starts to transform the cells using an abnormal method, wherein the cells become cancer cells.
Cancer is not a disease but the body's homeostasis operation in an attempt to maintain life for even a moment longer.
When a person vomits blood after consuming poison, that is also because the cells are securately locking up their doors and rejecting the polluted blood.
If the cells do not receive the blood, where does that blood go? The only roads out of the body are through the mouth and anus.

However, if a person dies of suffocation, the tongue extends out of the mouth. Oxygen is deficient in the blood, and the cells open all of its doors in an attempt to grab any last bit of oxygen they can.

Returning to the earlier discussion, the natural flow of the human body's cycle is for plant energy to become animal energy, and animal energy to go to the cells. However, if the “regenerative healing reaction” occurs from doing the Health Recovery Program, the process reverses.

The specialized somatic cells turn into all types of blood cells including red blood cells and other immune-response blood cells through an inflammatory response, and this process can pour out the waste products through urination. This reaction is a healing process that the body must go through to recover its health and is potentially accompanied by a reaction such as pain.

The regenerative healing reaction is more active when the body temperature is warmer. When the body aches, it raises its temperature and induces the regenerative healing reaction.
It simultaneously activates enzyme activity, reinforcing the fighting power of white blood cells.
It is because body temperature sustains enzyme activity. A country’s military power comes from economic power, and similarly, the body’s military power comes from body temperature.

As such, the existence of good health or lack thereof is determined by the energy function of red blood cells and the immunity function of white blood cells. The body's health is dependent on how cleanly the blood is maintained, which is closely connected to body temperature. Therefore keeping the body warm, along with eating proper meals, are the keys to maintaining good health.

Although the human body is one organism, the temperatures of each organ system are different. Among them, the armpit and the inside of the mouth are on the higher end. Of the organs, the small intestine and the heart have the highest temperature. The small intestine and heart have many similarities.

The small intestine is where digestive activity officially occurs, using gastric fluid and intestinal juice, with the addition of digestive fluid that secretes from the liver, bowels, and pancreas. The surface of the intestinal mucosa has fine velvet-like villi that protrudes, visible to the naked eye. The villi are covered in 250 billion epithelial cells and have the job of absorbing nutrients. The nutrients absorbed through the small intestine ride the blood to be delivered to each organ.

The “heart" has the job of a pump to circulate blood throughout the whole body. After receiving blood through its two atria, the heart is designed so that the blood can be bailed out from two ventricles. Our ancestors even believed the heart to be more than just a physical organ, containing the person's spirit, as the true center of the human body.

Because of these functions, the two organs inevitably make contact with oxigen more often than any system in the body, which results in their easy heating and laturally higher temperature. The areas in the body where are unlikely to grow are the small intestine and the heart.

A heating operation that works well indicates that the regenerative healing reaction and enzyme activity will be working well, and the organs will not fail from abnormal cell proliferation.
One saying goes that all fevers occur when wisdom starts to spark in the body. A fewer is the body's impassioned effort to normalize the body.