The last dinner table becomes the dinner table of life

2022-07-11 18:17

Ms. Minjung managed a folk handicrafts store with her husband in Busan. Her height is 4 ft 1 in and she has the nickname of the “tallest person from the sky” because she would look the farthest away when seen from the sky.

In contrast, her husband is a handsomely tall man at a height of 5 ft 9 in, far above average. These two people appear like giant and elf, standing side by side, but they have a close husband-wife relationship and are raising happy family.

However, they worried that Ms. Minjung was continuing to gain weight. As she was extra small, her weight increase made her would roll over, and the greater problem was her diminishing health.

She was experiencing chronic fatigue and rising blood pressure. Her breath became so short from walking short distances that she couldn’t imagine exercising. She tried eating various types of enzymes in an attempt to lose weight and even tried starving to no avail. She kept experiencing yo- yo syndrome.

In 2009, she found a savior in the fermented compound activation enzyme. She was doubtful at first, thinking that enzyme products must all be alike, but seeing that her friend had lost weight completely, she decided to make a last attempt. What was the result?

She had had trouble shedding even 2.2 lb in a month on any diet, but she lost 6.6 lb in ten days on the compound activation enzyme diet (4.4 lb out of 6.6 lb) lost was visceral fat. She had planned to do one month only when she started but changed her mind to 4 months, and lost a total of 28 lb, recovering her body's slim form.

She no longer suffered from chronic fatigue. One day, when she was working at her store, a particularly thin woman with a shadow drawn over her face came by. The woman stood staring at a small, wooden table on display outside.

She looked uncommonly ill as if she would fall over at any moment, and her left hand up to her arm was wrapped in a bandage.

“Are you okay?" Ms. Minjung asked.
The woman frowned painfully and motioned for Ms. Minjung not to come any closer, saying, “My diabetic complications have brought on rheumatoid arthritis, so my arm is throbbing."

Ms. Minjung replied, “Why are you here, shopping for a table?" The woman said, “I'm on my way home from the university hospital, the doctor told me that there's nothing more they can do. so I should eat whatever I want and just wait to die. I'm looking for a pretty table to eat meals on, even if it's only for a few days.” She showed a handful of medications from her bag. “This has been my life.”

“Oh my, what use is a table when you're so sick? Come in here. A hospital can’t cure diabetic complications. What can a doctor that tells you to above anything in yourself until you die, do for you?
Listen. Do what I tell you for 10 days. In ten days, if you feel any better, then just hold on and
Do 4 more months.”

Ms. Minjung recounted her story in detail for an hour and recommended the fermented compound activation enzyme. The woman decided that she had nothing more to lose and went straight to the bank to retrieve the cash to begin.

She appeared again four days later. Surprisingly, the bandage wrapped around her arm had disappeared. She said she was no longer in pain. She continued the enzyme diet for another four months and reversed the doctor's prophecy that she would die soon like it was a joke.
She became a fully healthy, normal person and returned to the store to buy her table.
Now, she is no longer facing a feast of death but having the feast of life. She calls Ms. Minjung her life's savior.

That became the impetus for Ms. Minjung to officially start a business in her Dong-Rae district of Busan, to introduce the fermented compound activation enzyme and Health Recovery Program.
Ms. Minjung caused an uproar in the whole region of Busan. Rotting feet healed, hemodialysis halted, blood pressures fell, weight was lost, depression was lifted, and herniated discs were cured.

After hundreds of thousands of people recovered their health because of the fermented compound activation enzyme, Ms. Minjung is no longer surprised. Rather, she considers the phenomenon a natural course of events.
People come from all walks of life, including a school principal and his spouse, people from various religions, family members of doctos --the list goes on.

Ms. Minjung never imagined that she would be called a life’s savior by even the community's political leaders. She may be short, but she’s definitely doing tall work on the ground.