There is a future in brown rice

2022-07-10 15:16

For a long time now, carbohydrates have been recognized as the enemy of a diet. People who are trying to lose weight first proportionally reduce the rice they eat. They replace the reduced portion of rice with protein foods such as chicken breast or egg whites to supplement the lost nutrients.

They believe that any additional mineral deficiency can be made up by consuming walnuts, sunflower seeds, or various other nuts. It is common thinking that the seeds of plants are beneficial to the human body's health.

Herein lies the blind spot in common knowledge. While people are aware of the nutritional benefit of nuts, they don't consider that rice is also he seed of a plant. A plant's embryo is a seed's energy source and contains a lot of material that is advantageous to our health.

Brown rice is rice that has not been refined, and the nutritional value of protein, fiber, B complex vitamins, and iron are alive and intact. rown rice as as much nutritional value as beans, sesame seeds, walnuts and others in the nut family.

My belief is that eating rice is healthier for the body than consumul animal protein. The ideal ratio of a meal is 7:1, 7 parts plant-source ingredients like rice, vegetables and fruit, and only 1 part animal protein. When a good balance of grain and vegetable is achieved in selecting the plant elements, there are no issues in eating rice at every meal.

Many people have already spoken about the benefits of brown rice, so don't need to be repetitive, but the fact that brown rice can sprout from it seeds makes it a particularly exceptional source of nutrient.

On the other hand, there is no future in refined white rice. White rice will not sprout no matter how long it has been planted in the ground. It can be tossed into the field, and no rice will grow. White rice is no different from manufactured goods produced at a factory. Canned food cannot be planted in the ground to grow into a canned food tree.

However, brown rice will sprout immediately if the temperature and humidity are adjusted properly. It germinates. Why is the fact that brown rice germinates so important? Growing into a living organism an indication that the enzymes are active. In other words, brown rice is a healthy food filled with enzymes that are the key to life.

Plants often use animals to disperse their seeds far and wide. An animal’s radius of movement is wide, and it migrates far in search of food. Animals eat the plant and digest the plant embryo but the seed mixes into the waste and discharges out of the body. When that seed germinates, it becomes a cherry tree or a ginkgo tree. The substance that blocks the seed from swiftly being digested in the animal's stomach is the "enzyme inhibitor.”

The enzyme inhibitor is an enzyme-suppressing chemical substance inside the plant that nature developed in order to block the plant from being digested too easily in the animal's intestine. If the seed is digested in the animal's stomach, the plant could not disperse its seeds.

When beans are eaten raw, they can be rather biting and pungent due to the enzyme inhibitor which is a toxic substance doing its job. In other words, the seed has the positive enzyme” component and also the negative “toxin” component. When people overlook this, and eat seed raw, they may experience stomach pain or diarrhea.

The seed's toxicity can easily be eliminated with heat. When beans are cooked, the bitter taste disappears and the toxins purify, softening the flavor. As long as beans are cooked well, the enzyme inhibitor is disabled while keeping the seed's nutrients intact for consumption. Then why do nuts, like pine nuts or walnuts, need not be cooked?

If the nut does not have a biting or pungent flavor in its raw form, it is probably safe to think that they do not have the toxin component. Nuts that have a hard shell protect the kernel inside. It cannot be easily digested when a hard shell envelops the contents, even when eaten by an animal. They don't need to generate a toxic substance.

All types of seeds from nuts to brown rice and beans are repositories of unsaturated fat. Animal fat blocks blood vessels and thickens the blood, but vegetable fat has the functions of softening blood flow and purifying the blood. As long as they are not consumed in excess, seeds are unmistakably a beneficial food for humankind.