Now is the time to cleanse and empty, then to eat

2022-06-03 19:32
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The ecological system is maintained through a never-ending fight with waste. The naturally occurring waste of animal corpses or fallen leaves become dirt and disappear in a natural decomposing process of microorganisms. The dirt that is created in this process becomes fertilizer for new life, and nature's virtuous cycle can continue.

However, as humans started to intervene in the ecosystem, man-made waste was created. Plastic bags, plastic bottles, vinyl and pesticides cannot be decomposed by microorganisms and will last for a thousand years.

The earth is aching from these pollutants, and all of the living animals plants are facing a threat to their existence.

The body is one small universe on its own, therefore a metabolism walks a similar path as the cycle in nature's ecosy body simply consumes normal food, a certain amount of w This waste will pass through a phase of decomposition by m into urine, stool and sweat, etc. that will excrete out of the when we eat abnormal food like processed and refin compound additives, fried food, meat etc., the microorganisms break these down, and they accumulate in the body.

Incomplete digestion causes the intestine's interior environment to rapidly decay, and various toxins resulting from the decay can attack the intestinal wall, resulting in a condition called colon leakage syndrome. Colon leakage occurs when the toxic elements pierce through the intestinal wall and flow into the blood.

An old building commonly experiences an electricity short circuit that can cause a fire. Colon leakage in the body is as scary as a short circuit in a building.
The toxins that have pierced the intestinal wall flow into the blood and pollute it, and blood pollution becomes cell pollution. Then, the whole system becomes polluted, causing a chronic illness.

A mountain is designated a national park, only to be covered in manmade waste of various plastic products of which natural decomposition is difficult. Caretakers have to take charge to collect each piece of garbage one by one. When that isn't enough, the park must close down for a period of rest. It is the only way to stop the pollution.

Principle of Health Recovery is similar to this. The body has been various man-made pollutants and can no longer take care of with the body's self-cleaning capacity.
It now needs specialized care to heal it in phases.

Health Recovery is a thougtful purification and body reset program, emptying and filling the body.

The “emptying" stage cleans out the residing non-beneficial debris and toxins in the body, and at the same time, holds the intention of giving the body a rest. By conserving the digestive enzymes as much as possible, it focuses on supplying as many enzymes as possible to the body's metabolism.

In a healthy person, the ratio of digestive to metabolic enzymes should be 1 to 3 (image A). In other words, if, for example, 10,000 enzymes are used in saliva, gastric fluid, or pancreatic juice, 30,000 shouldbe allotted for the brain, heart, kidney, lungs, muscles and cell formation.
However, a person with metabolic diseases may use 3 digestive enzymes for every 1 enzyme in metabolism; therefore, the body becomes imbalanced and confused (image B).

In order to recover from this, it is not enough, for example, to simplydeploy 10,000 enzymes for digestion and 30,000 for metabolism. Instead, to compensate, we must rest the digestive system and, in the previous example, deploy all 40,000 enzymes to metabolism (a ratio of 4 image C). This is the true meaning of emptying.

While giving the digestive system a break, the compound activation enzyme is consumed, and a near perfect “filling” is achieved. The compound activation enzyme is not a passive worker, but elements of alpha+beta+zeta have been added to the enzyme so that it becomes a have been added to the enzyme so that worker with a multitude of functions.

When the fermented compound activation enzyme is introduced. the metabolic function normalizes quickly and self-cleansing and natural healing effect, and therefore, and we can expect expeditious recovery. The effect is like having deployed an amount of enzymes in the ratio of 1:10, instead of 1:3, in favoor of metabolic functions (a ratio of 10 in image D).

When the fermented compound activation enzyme allows the organ suffered from metabolic syndrome to recover its health, an unhealthy person becomes a healthy person, and the aging body rejuvenates and comes alive again. This is the mechanism of Health Recovery.