Clean the inside of your body as you would clean your house

2022-07-11 19:50

Mohammad, the prophet of Islam, said that fasting for one week purifies the blood, two weeks purify the bones, and three weeks purify the spirit. While these words speak to the importance of fasting, they also encompass the meaning that a human being is connected by its blood, bones and spirit into one organism.

Osteoporosis is not simply a problem of the bones but is intimately connected to the acidification of blood resulting from stress. When a person's blood is polluted, the person may become exposed to a spine issue that is sometimes referred to as a "disc" issue. When people age and body's framework weakens, people tear up frequently. This is a sign of how the body's will is also that of the spirit.

Jesus fasted for 40 days ahead of entering public life to save the huma race. Not even Satan's temptations could work its power in the face of his reborn body and spirit. When a person fasts, the body purifies, healthier and purifying the spirit as well, allowing for the person to have clear judgement.

While the body is vulnerable against cold, heat, and other external attacks, it also has the strength to heal itself. Not only humans but all things existing in nature heal themselves throughout their lives.

When a tree has a scratch, new wood grows and covers the wounded area. When a bone breaks, a substance flows out of the bone, wrapping around it to attach it back together. The broken area grows back thicker and tougher. Animals do not eat when they are sick to improve the body's ability to self-regenerate.

The food chain is intricately stitched together in nature's ecosystem, and therefore, any entity unable to catch its feed cannot survive. Animals are always struggling at the risk of their existence and sometimes will starve to death, but they never die of constipation, high blood pressure or diabetes. Have you ever read an article about an animal suffering from a chronic illness?

Various civilizations developed in order to stabilize human life and make it more comfortable. However, growth without any brakes also brought side effects. In the name of mass production, industrial facilities started producing low grade food products, ushered in environmental pollution, and introduced various toxins into human bodies.

On top of that, science has been treating human bodies like machines in the name of genetic engineering, daring to challenge the power of God and manipulating nature as they wish. People are getting sick because the boundless ambition of humans has led us far from the laws of nature.

At the bathhouse, the scrubber (the enzyme) cleans the dirt off of our bodies. The scrubber does not use his or her bare hands to clean the skin but uses tools such as a towel and soap, etc. (alpha, beta, zeta substances). We may let our bodies relax but the scrubbers focus completely on their work (fasting). Not unlike this process, when dirt builds up inside the body, the enzymes (technicians) rush in and eliminate the dirt.

When that happens, we must help the enzymes work by supplementing more workers (compound activation enzyme), and need to prepare the body (fasting) so that the enzymes can focus on cleaning.

This is similar to the principle of cleaning the house. When the house is only a litle messy, we can put away our things little by little as we move around, but when the walls are covered in grease stains, and the carpet is torn and furniture broken, we must call the professionals to put the house back in order. When the technicians (enzymes) arrive, the owner must clear the house so not to be in their way (fasting), and must provide more workers (compound activation fermented enzyme) to help the work go smoothly. As this is happening, the owner must put her or his full faith in the technicians.

Faith means a change in one's awareness. At the very least, in regards to chronic illness, we must let go of our stereotype perspective that we can only heal at the hospital, and trust the fact that our bodies are doctors.
There is a disease that medicine can fix, and another disease that the body itself heals.
If medicine is made to fight a disease that can heal itself, the body's self-healing power will gradually falter.

The geocentric model was considered common knowledge among the human race since the beginning of time. This was because we could see the sky turning with our eyes. However, what we see is not everything there is. Even at this very moment, many microorganisms that are impossible to see with the naked eye are actively at work on this earth.

Without microorganisms, the earth would become a gargage heap. Similar events are happening daily in the human body too. The human body's system of digesting, decomposing, absorbing and discharging is more exacting and precise than any machine humans have produced. We

The era of the geocentric model eventually ended, and now, the Copernican system has replaced it as fact among all people. We must remember that it was not a perspective of stereotype that was able to change humanity's intellectual map, but a new paradigm.