The fermented compound activation enzyme meets traditional Korean medicine

2022-07-11 19:47

When a European hears a cancer diagnosis, they often choose to treat it with traditional medicine rather than a painful operation, anti-cancer drugs or radiation.

Data indicates that people in countries that depend on traditional medicine, such as Iceland, France and Germany, have longer average life spans and life expectancy than those in America which relies on modern medicine, and the state of their health is the best in the world.

The countries in America's scope of influence, such as Canada, Japan and Korea, have a tendency to rely on modern medicine and the equation that “cancer=surgery is normalized. How is it that even Korea which was formerly the nation of traditional Eastern medicine, the nation of the famous doctor Heo Jun, has become so dependent on modern medicine?

In a crisis situation where every second matters, we rely 100% on modern medicine, creating the dominant perception that the "hospital is the place that saves lives. Therefore, the hospital's authority has come to rival God's authority. It is true that in times of emergency, the role of modern medicine is greater than that of traditional medicine which requires time to heal bodies.

However, even in emergencies, modern medicine has not achieved full proof treatment that is free of side effects. Even for cardiopulmonary bypass surgery - known as CABG - the risk of septicemia and cerebral infarction must be accounted for during the process of anesthesia, blood transfusion and incision. Not long ago, the death of the spirited health evangelist Dr. Hwang was caused by acute septicemia after he had heart surgery.

Modern medicine centers its objective on keeping people alive, and therefore, puts the greatest meaning on maintaining life only. The way that a person stays alive – whether the person lives on a respirator from disease complications or the person is merely breathing and lives life as a vegetable -- is a secondary issue.

Extending life and living life like a human being are not the same thing. When fixated only on maintaining life, we become indifferent to the pains of people, and start to trivialize the dignity that people deserve to live with.

There are even people who choose suicide in situations of damaged pride. That just shows the valuable nature of a person's character and the invaluable quality of feeling human.

Diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer are principal offenders in lowering the quality of a person's life. The medicine that a doctor prescribes can extend a patient's life but cannot produce the joy of life.

Modern medicine does not trust the human body’s homeostasis and regenerative abilities, and therefore, it must prescribe medication to kill cancer cells. However, anticancer medication risks many types of unpleasant side effects.
Anticancer medication causes vomit, hair loss, and weakens bones. The

effects are more torturous than cancer itself. The measure to alleviate the symptoms of chronic illness can bring minor satisfaction, but at times, even greater misfortune. Only a full healing can have true meaning. But is it possible to fully cure chronic illness?

Traditional medicine puts the focus on healing the body before reaching crisis mode, and therefore, it will not produce material for a dramatic episode of “25th Hour at the Hospital.”

It attaches importance to regular physiological management through good eating, and when one is ill, it uses inconvenient methods that are time-consuming, such as traditional medicines and acupuncture to begin the healing. Therefore, many people flock to Western medicine to treat light symptoms with a few quick pills.

But I must speak of the intrinsic limits of Korean medicine too. In the past, the medicine was produced from foraging, and people could depend on the wonderous remedial effects that nature shares. However, expecting the same medicinal effects of the past in the present reality where medicinal herbs are farmed, is unreasonable. This is how wild ginseng, cultivated ginseng and general ginseng each have their differences.

Additionally, fewer external pollutants entered the human body in the past, and therefore, prescriptions intended for detoxification are not as developed. No one foresaw how the acts of eating and drinking poisons could be as normalized as they are now.

If the compound activation enzyme is added onto traditional Korean medicine, these issues are largely resolved. The human body's awesome self-healing power starts operating when the digestive system which leads to the stomach, small intestine and large intestine, is given rest for three or more days.

However, the modern person's body is in an abnormal condition which can also be considered a state of chronic enzyme deficiency, and therefore simple water fasting will have trouble producing that result. Bringing is the compound activation enzyme that is constructed with the science of fermentation, together with fasting, will radically increase the rate of recovery.

My faith in the compound activation enzyme solidified after seeing upward of one hundred thousand cases heal through the Health Recovery Program, after their chronic illnesses had failed to heal by Korean medicine nor Western medicine alone. However, it is categorized as a health food with various legal restrictions under the present system, and no proper marketing has been possible.

I had to exclude mentions of its definite effectiveness in healing cancer, diabetes or normalizing the blood, but instead, explain in vague terms that it was “good for one's health.” I had to be satisfied with people learning of the compound activation enzyme's miracles by word of mouth.
Until one day, I was given the opportunity to lecture on Health Recovery for two hours to an audience of Korean medicine doctors.

I had some amount of doubt if these doctors who were so learned and smart would actually listen to me, but the lecture was an immense success. As they say, where there is a will, there is a way, and the Korean medicine doctors empathized when I spoke, and began to implement the Health Recovery Program in treating their patients.

One Korean medicine doctor - even in the position of a doctor - was struggling with chronic constipation for more than 10 years. The doctor had tried making every medicine that should be good for the intestine but nothing helped. The doctor had felt the limits of being a traditional medicine doctor.
When this doctor heard my lecture, he had the epiphany that “this is it!”

The doctor himself first consumed the compound activation enzyme, and began having regular bowel movements that came out in long, curved forms, and subsequently started implementing the program at his clinic.

Like this, the Health Recovery Program is receiving the spotlight as a radical healing method for chronic illnesses, but in fact, the detoxification remedy is a method of treatment mostly based in common sense. Every animal that exists in nature has healed itself with this method. Even the pet dog or cat at home starves itself when ill.

The saying “yahk-shik-dong-won” tells us that what we eat is essentially our medicine. Food is a definitive method to treat high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer without side effects.

Currently, many traditional Korean medicine doctors are praising the amazing efficacy of the compound activation enzyme, and they even formed an organization to research, develop and actively implement it in their medical activity.

My greatest hope is this. In the way that K-pop has taken over the world, the Health Recovery Program will be grafted into traditional Korean medicine to create another Korean wave that can heal people everywhere in the world.