Purezymes 9

Naturezymes whole body recovery system

Fermented Recharging Enzyme

Every morning and night, take one packet with 200ml(6.8oz)of lukewarm water or Purezyme 1 water.

About the Product
It will help with anticancer immune response and prostate infection(inflammation). It also improves atopy, allergy, skin, and our immune system.
It contains fermented pollen seaweed grain powder, mixed mushroom extract powder, seaweed powder, magnesium oxide, dried yeast, and more.

아침,점심,저녁 따뜻한 물또는 purezyme1(200ml)에 타서 드십시요.

[제품에 대하여]
면역작용에 도움,아토피 알러지 피부 개선에 도움 ,전립선 염증개선에 도움 ,면역력 증강에 도움.

화분 발효효소분말, 곡류 효소발효 배양 분말, 엠디 효소 발효배양 분말, 에스지 효소 발효 배양 분말, 버섯 혼합 추출물(운지, 영지, 표고, 상황버섯), 건조 효모, 해조 칼슘, 각종 미네랄, 비타민, 엽산, 베타글루칸등 함유.




This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This is product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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