Purezymes 7

Naturezymes whole body recovery system

Fermented Stomach Enzyme

Take it with the lukewarm water with Purezyme 1 water.

About the product
It is good for esophagus and helps with the inflammation in esophagus, heartburn, and acid reflux. It also improves the condition in gastroduodenitis and duodenal ulcer.
It contains fermented seaweed grain powder, mixed herb extract powder, dried yeast, vitamin E acetate, vitamin Bs, Nicotinamide, folic acid, and more.

아침, 점심, 저녁 따뜻한 물또는 purezyme1(200ml)에 타서 드십시요.

[제품에 대하여]
식도, 역류성식도염, 신물, 속쓰림, 위 십이지장염, 십이지장 궤양에 도움.

에스피엔자임(허브 복합발효 분말-현미, 보리, 울금, 복령, 대두, 율무,메밀, 마, 미역, 다시마, 톳, 김등), 식물혼합발효 추출물(진피, 산사자, 창출, 대추), 건조호모, 비타민, 니코틴산아미드,엽산등 함유.


SP Enzyme(香草复合发酵粉末-糙米、大麦、郁金、茯苓、大豆、薏米、芥麦、山药、海带、昆布、鹿尾菜、紫菜 等),植物混合发酵萃取物(陈皮、山楂、苍怵、大枣),干酵母,维生素,烟酰胺、叶酸等。

This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
This is product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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