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Committed to helping patients live a life of mental and physical well-being, our doctors integrate the best of Eastern and evidence-based medicine to provide holistic treatments that are customized for every patient. Your precise treatment plan could include acupuncture, health recovery program with proprietary herbal medicine, detox, nutritions, and professional level PEMF(pulsed electro-magnetic frequency) to accelerate healing in a safe, natural manner.

What is Lifestyle Medicine?
Our lifestyle is fast paced, our food now processed and prepared in an instant without proper nutritions and enzymes. The widespread chronic diseases right now is because we are missing out the most important factors in living a healthy lifestyle, Diet, Exercise, Nutrition and Stress Management. Health Rocovery Program is designed to promote optimal immune functions, purifying blood, and proper energy production (metabolism) by consuming enzyme complex, balancing gut flora and restoring our body’s own healing capacity in the right way.

Eating healthy food is not enough. Because if you simply take in food with probiotics, it will not act effectively due to already unfavorable intestinal environment. It depends on how your body processes, digests, assimilates and breaks down all the nutrients.

Most of the human body functions would not occur without enzymes. It serves as an incredible biological catalysts to the human body which drives the chemical reactions required to maintain optimal health. Unfortunately, our food supply is deprived this vital force of enzymes in the food we consume. That’s why we are suffering from many modern chronic diseases including heart attack, strokes, diabetes, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, Chronic pain symptoms, digestion problems,GI issues, and depression / anxiety disorders to name a few.

The benefits of fermented foods

  1. Increased enzyme content helps you absorb nutrients more efficiently to boost immune functions and energy production.
  2. It helps building up probiotics to restore gut flora balance in the gut and aid digestion and immune health.
  3. It is safer to consume than raw vegetables because the lactic acid created during the fermentation process kills harmful microbes such as E.coli.
  4. The lacto-fermentation process stores food longer than canning without environmental toxins and without depleting nutrients.
  5. It also increased the nutritional value by enriching certain nutrients.

Clinical Health Recovery Program with Naturezymes

A Lifestyle solution that transforms healthcare

  • Lifestyle Modification
  • Prevention & Reversal of Chronic Diseases
  • Happier, Healthier, Energetic You!


  • Naturezymes Patented Fermented Compound Activation Enzymes system products
  • Snapshot Heath Tests ( Accuniq BC 380, Max Pulse, Greenbiome)
  • Lifestyle Modification support & Exercise App

Three Step Fermented Enzymes: Active enzyme complex is consumed while a person is otherwise fasting (abstaining from food). The digestive system and metabolic enzymes are given a chance to be revitalized in a short period of time. This in turn, can improve auto-therapy and the body’s own self-cleansing ability (autophagy), maximizing homeostasis and allowing a quick health recovery.

We use 3 test equipments


1. Accuniq380 – body composition analyzer

ACCUNIQ BC380 delivers clinically accurate body composition results in less than 1 minute.


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2. Greenbiome – human gut flora test

GREENBIOME GUT, presented by GC Genome, analyzes the balance of microorganisms in our gut and evaluate the risk of major diseases to provide personalized lifestyle solution such as diet guideline to ensure healthy life.


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3. Maxpulse – heart rate variability test and ANS test

The Max Pulse provides information by way of a non-invasive, infrared light fingertip probe. The measurement probe consists of a light-emitting diode (infrared LED) and a photodiode placed on the opposite side as a light receiver. The Photodiode detects the changes in the amount of light absorbed by hemoglobin, which tracks against time the density of blood in the fingertip, allowing the device to graph the pulse of blood flowing from the heart.


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Snapshot Health Tests:

Comparisons performed prior and post Naturezymes Health Recovery Program in 2 to 3week interval during the initial phase of the program.

  • Body composition analysis (body visceral, subcutaneous fat, muscle, and water content).
  • Autonomic Nervous System test with Ewing’s maneuver for early detection of artery and nerve complications of metabolic syndrome and adult diseases particularly diabetes type II.
  • Arterial Health Test – Autonomic Nervous System test can also be tested as a separate component with Plethysmography (PTG) for medium and large artery atherosclerotic stiffening for arterial health test. In addition, autonomic nervous system test at rest is performed without Ewing’s maneuver for analysis of autonomic nervous system’s mental and physical stress recovery function capability.

Additional and not included:

  • Microbiome (Greenbiome) stool tests once prior and post for Gut Microbiota Screen and Health Score. The beneficial, harmful and neutral gut microbial flora analysis to assess the direction of shift in microbial spectrum in our body. This is essential to dynamically change our dietary habits by a scientifically proven precision method.
  • Blood test: Routine blood work including FBS, HbA1c, FTG, Lipid profile, C-reactive protein(CRP).

2D/M mode echocardiogram (LVH, LV mass, LV systolic and diastolic function), Epicardial and Pericardial, Coronary CT for calcium score Bone Densitometry


Lifestyle Modification support App:

Provides interactive lifestyle modification support to successfully and decisively facilitate healthy behavioral changes. The App also records daily health vital signs, metabolic health parameters such as blood pressure, blood glucose, weight and exercises performed. It also tracks muscle mass, specific muscles being used, number of specific exercise repetitions achieved and its trending pattern.

Naturezymes Clinical Health Recovery Program Steps:

  • Naturezymes Fermented Compound Activation System for 10 days with prior 5 days of preparatory phase as initial regimen followed by another 10 days regimen as recommended. These two phases are to promote and maximally facilitate initial cellular autophagy.
    Actions lead to habits which lead to lifestyle modification. In our experience, with one or more underlying chronic diseases, such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia or diabetes, the medications can be tapered or discontinued. The process can take approximately 1 month to 6 months. During these phases, a highly specialized personal guidance, education and support are implemented by the physician and staff to promote lifestyle modification.
  • Regiments can be customized thereafter, twice or once daily, three times, twice or once weekly etc. depending on the individual patient’s requirements. Life-long maintenance parallel program of minimum once weekly regimen is strongly suggested for sustained lifestyle modification and promotion of best health. The lifestyle coaching and support should be continued whenever Naturezymes parallel program is provided.
    When underweight or do not want to lose significant body weight, one should consider a modified parallel phase program

Naturezymes days of initial phases: Preparatory phase 5 days ( ), Initial phase 10 days ( ), second phase 10 days ( ). This initial phase is to maximally facilitate initial cellular Autophagy.

Naturezymes maintenance parallel phase: twice/day ( ), once/day ( ), several days/week ( ), one day/week ( ), other ( )

Naturezymes Health Recovery Program should be monitored, supervised and managed by authorized physicians or designated staff members. The reasons among other things, it is because of the necessity of adjusting medications due to the program’s favorable beneficial effects and need for continued professional support.

Health Recovery Preparation Program Lifestyle Checklist   Ten Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle Coaching


Health recovery program is a way to fix our body effectively by consuming active enzyme complex. This method of changing our body, through cooperation between the body and the active enzyme complex, is the best way to purify blood and recover our health without damaging our body.

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Ten Habits for a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. Do abdominal Breathing.
  2. Drink enough water: (For example, 1.8 Liters daily for a 135-pound adult).
  3. Get at least 30 minutes of sunshine daily.
  4. Consume an equal amount of cooked and uncooked fruits and vegetables.
  5. Exercise regularly.
  6. Get plenty of rest (sleep) between 10:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.
  7. Understand the importance of self-control.
  8. Have a positive and thankful attitude.
  9. Maintain a stable body temperature.
  10. Have a regular Body Health Recovery Program routine.