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Cerebral Palsy, Seizure, Sinusitis, ADHD-tic, Scatica, Back pain Autism Manic Depression Bipolar Problem, Parkinson’s D, Stroke, Dementia, Alzheimer, Asthma, Cough

Nerve Control S’NC = Son’s Scientific Nerve Control 

< Non-Needle Technique: only use ring and clip on hands>

침없이 ring과clip을 손에 압착하여 치유하는 제3의학.


Nerve Control S’NC

Helps to reduce to the minimum state of disability (motor impairment) and then to be a normal man.

신경controller는 각종 운동장애를 벗어나 정상인에 가깝게 되도록 돕는다

Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy

Clinical Cases of Disability(각종 장애개선 사례) Autism

Clinical Cases of Disability

Parkinson’s Dz